Types of Bar Staff Required for Events

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Organizing an event or party can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to hiring the right bar staff. Whether you’re looking for bartenders, barbacks, or other types of bar staff, you want to ensure that your guests will be served in the most efficient and professional manner. To help you make the right hiring decisions, this article will provide an overview of the different types of bar staff required for events and what tasks they are expected to perform. The most important role at any event is that of the bartender. Bartenders are responsible for making sure drinks are served correctly and in a timely manner. For larger events, you may want to consider hiring a mobile bar service to provide additional support and ensure that drinks are served quickly and efficiently.

They must be knowledgeable about different drinks, how to make them correctly, and how to handle situations with intoxicated guests. Bartenders should also have excellent customer service skills and knowledge of food safety and liquor laws. Barbacks are a crucial part of any event bar staff. These individuals help the bartenders by restocking the bar with ice and liquor, cleaning up spills, taking out trash, and running food or drink orders to guests. They should have good organizational skills and the ability to stay focused on tasks even when it is busy. Servers are also important for events that require food service.

They should have excellent customer service skills, the ability to remember orders, and knowledge of food safety. Servers should also be able to carry trays of food and drinks without spilling them. Other roles such as security staff or cashiers may be necessary depending on the type of event being held. Security staff help to keep guests safe and manage crowd control. Cashiers should have excellent math and customer service skills in order to accurately process payments.

Qualifications Needed for Bar Staff

When hiring bar staff for an event, it is important to make sure they have the necessary qualifications and experience.


should have prior experience in a similar role, knowledge of different drinks, food safety knowledge, and customer service skills.


should have good organizational skills and be able to multi-task in a busy environment.


should have excellent customer service skills and knowledge of food safety regulations. Event organisers should take the time to carefully consider the qualifications and skills needed for each role when hiring bar staff.

The right combination of bar staff is essential for any event and will ensure that guests are served quickly and safely. Bartenders, barbacks, and servers all have their own unique qualifications and must be chosen carefully to ensure the success of the event.